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I have many years of experience shooting images of people and travel images from around the world. Most of my traveling was done to teach photography to thousands of professionals over the last 20+ years about better and more creative lighting techniques.

Many of my images shown here were created on the fly while teaching at these events. These are normally done on location since my manufacturing company, Lumedyne, Inc., produces portable flash systems which are made here in America and sold worldwide.

I live in West Florida and I travel frequently so contact me if I can be of service to you. My day rate starts at $1000 plus expenses, which includes me providing professional cameras, lighting and results. Local clients may book with me for partial days. Editing of images is billed separately if desired.

Most of the work shown here has not been photoshop enhanced significantly although I have diverse artistic skills, my passion is photography. Most images can be enhanced with photoshop but I leave that discretion to the clients who should be delivered good quality images as prints or data files without needing to salvage them with photoshop.

Please contact me here if I can be of further assistance:
USA Phone +1-727-858-0255

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